Today’s shopping excursion resulted in the purchase of some Villeroy&Boch coffee mugs. I also finally found the perfect sandals (Steve Madden) but could not justify buying them since they were the only ones in the store not on sale.
Yesterday I did get a new top; white w/blue sparkly stripes and turquoise bra straps – it has kind of a punk/sailor look.

I realize it’s still wintry for rest of the country, but here in Fla it’s been summer for a while (in fact, it never stopped being summer). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not gloating over this fact. I hate perpetual warmth. One of the reasons I went to college in upstate NY was so I could enjoy having four seasons a year. I don’t handle cold very well, but I do like bundling up in sweaters and wearing flannel pjs.

I got my monthly video from my uncle in Japan; he tapes my favorite show for me every week. So I spent tonight watching 6 weeks worth of SMAPxSMAP, a variety program starring the five members of SMAP (a Japanese boy-band w/100 times the popularity and talent of the Back Street Boys).
My job hunt for a teaching position in Japan is still fruitless. I have to find something by May, so something had better pop up soon.


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