I just emailed the woman I've been interviewing with to tell her I'm going to take the job. This means in two weeks I'll be teaching in Japan. But I don't want to goooo......! There is entirely too much upheaval in my life. But it was my own choice, so I'd better take responsibility for it. One consolation is that she'll let me keep a cat in the house she's renting me. So I'm basically going to take home the first stray I see once I land there. I'm having an almost-anxiety attack. I don't know what I'm so worried about. The lady is perfectly nice, it's in visiting distance of my family in Tokyo, and it's really only for a year. And let's not forget that I'll be making money, which is the whole point of this enterprise.

Today was nice. Mom and I went shopping and she bought me cute sandals. She's also going to Japan the same time as me, but on a different airline. We're going to try to find flights that land fairly close to each other, so we can take the long trainride to Tokyo together. Good grief. Hmm...maybe this means I'll get to see Lo while she's traveling there.


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