Phillipa the Wedding Planner

I wonder if Kat knows what she's in for...once I start barraging her with my Martha Stewart-esque wedding ideas she's going to wish she hadn't suggested I give her my input. I don't think I ever want to get married myself, but I looooove planning for it. If I could just have the ceremony without the marriage afterwards, I'd be all set. I think huge Catherine Zeta weddings are ridiculous and rather hubristic; they're only appropriate if you happen to be Prince Charles and Diana. I don't need anything elaborate and flashy, as long as the flowers are real (not plastic), I'm happy. I think I actually would make a good wedding planner, because I'm obsessed with tiny details. Everything from picking the ideal location, to finding the perfect napkin rings -- it all floats my boat. Maybe the wedding could have a theme...I've seen weddings where everything is butterfly-oriented, maybe Kat's could be all about...dogs? Have Jack Russells embossed on the invitations, little terriers embroidered on the napkins, the bridesmaids' hairclips could be poodle-shaped, gem-encrusted barrettes...and if Kat and Nick have a dog by then, it could be a member of the wedding party and be led up the aisle by the best man. Oh the possibilities...


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