Yesterday was spent rummaging in the garage, reaquainting myself w/all my forgotten winter clothing. I had to air out everything out on the balcony since they reeked of cedar; the neighbors must have been bemused. It was good to see my favorite Abercrombie sweater again--with a couple of horse hairs still clinging to the cuffs. Speaking of horses, my egomaniacal friend, Yukiko, is working at a horse riding school of sorts -- maybe I'll visit her when I get to Japan and she can hook me up w/a lesson. Yukiko is hilarious because she puts on airs like you wouldn't believe. She would have you believe she is the epitomy of etiquette and daintiness, but this is the same girl who once punched me in the stomach when I wouldn't give her all of my Easter eggs.

I must remind myself here that West Wing is on at 8 tonight, not 9. I am obsessed w/this show; so much so that I'm begging my mom to tape it and send it to me while I'm overseas. She hates the show, so I may have to bribe her.


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