does anyone remember me saying how i wasn't going to start smoking because i have a brain and i'm smart? well, apparently i'm brainless and quite stupid because somehow i walked out of the 7-11 today w/a new pack of 7stars smokes. but they are so gooooood...just one pack and then i'll quit again. i swear. so i did tell my boss and she still wants me to work for at least a month. i told her i want to be out of here by the 10th, but we'll see. my least favorite kidlet appears to have a crush on me as he was throwing himself into my lap repeatedly and kissing my neck. yerch. i am in love w/my cellphone -- is much better companion than any of my boyfriends. love getting cellphone-email more than anything. had exciting moment yesterday when out of blue received email from Huan, a very se-eeeexy Vietnamese boy I met 3 yrs ago. apparantly my cousin passed my # on to him.

am officialy addicted to aloe yogurt and pickled eggplant. also am becoming re-addicted to watching the Tokyo Giants (baseball team) every night. it is starting to get sticky hot so am running about in my skivvies when i finally get the house to myself. wish i'd had the forsight to buy ice cream bars while at 7-11 today.


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