went to the eency weency train station and took an eency weency train to the nearest large city, Takasaki, which is in the next prefecture. i really shouldn't be allowed to go shopping, as i spend money like it's going out of fashion. i splurged on an i-zone camera, cute boy-cut underwear, a new bag, the moulin rouge cd, and the book shown at left. the comic book is about a girl who wants to be a jockey, so obviously it's about me, and i had to buy it. and lo, i did find a "betty's blue" store. it was bizarre seeing my name on every single piece of clothing and merchandise. they didn't have any of those vending machines though.
i went in to tower records today w/every intention of buying the new r.e.m., then almost got shaggy instead, but somehow went with neither. then when i was walking out of the store, a cute boy who was clearly under the influence of some good drugs came up to me and asked me if i wanted to play w/him. i told him i was busy, but i wonder what he'd had in mind...it might have been adventurous of me to say yes. now i'll never know.


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