am in lovely Harajuku Yahoo Cafe--am much too tipsy to do proper update. am living utterly new life since last wrote; things are ridiculously fantastic, which worries me of course. love living in Tokyo, spending weekends train-hopping and checking out a new part of the city each time. today was the upscale Ginza shopping area, the imperial palace, and now Harajuku. yesterday was Asakusa, with its kitchy souvenirs shops where we met up w/N&B and enjoyed the afternoon sunlight and pigeon-befriending old men. Then on to Shinjuku to see one of the last festivals of the summer; lots of men dancing about in their skivvies. Had good conveyor belt sushi and then home to watch a video. I tell you (you, the by now nonexistant reader of this page) all this because it is a good example of my typical weekend. Is it healthy to be having this much fun? My god, you'd think that I was actually (gasp) happy for a change. Best not question it. Will try to update again; am going on mini-break to Kyoto the weekend after next, so will try to update afterwards.


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