am going to venture out soon now that the typhoon seems to have finally gone on its way north. it was all stormy and exciting this morning, but now its just hot and damp.
tonight i'm meeting up w/yet another student: Kengo the painter. we're going to a cafe that has his paintings displayed. he's an odd fellow, and i swear he likes my boyfriend more than he likes me. but alas, Tom is off exploring northern Honshu during Obon break, so i'm taking Amami w/me instead.
i have no alone-time this weekend. friday i spent the night at Eri's so Chie could bring her honey home to the apt., and tonight and tomorrow she and i'll be actual roomates until she goes back to Fukuoka.
sunday i'm having din in Harajuku and i finally get to meet Amami's foul-mouthed australian bloke. i hope he's as shocking as she makes him out to be.
i'm trying social-butterfly-therapy, distracting myself from my own life. trying to drown out the sounds in my head. i miss him.


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