it's casual sunday here at work and i am reveling in not having to wear the evil black suit.
but also it is such a grey, limp excuse-for-a-day that my work ethic is nonexistant.
my get up and go got up and went, to quote some song i don't remember.
obviously i'm not the only one feeling this way today as my students aren't showing up for their lessons this morning. i really don't blame them.
i saw myself on the tv last night--i thought i had avoided this experience, but one of the counselors had taped the show and kindly brought me the video, so...
so i realize i make lots of weird expressions with my face. this is not good. i'm going to stop.
i will try to maintain a serene, buddha-esque non-expression.
also i feel a bit violated because the voice-over person completely changed what i'd originally said.
they have me saying "gosh i hate it when people sigh. that is sooo annoying, just the absolute worst!"
but whatever, i am ok with coming across as a total ditz--it's close enough to the truth.
it's better than Chie's ex-boyfriend, federico, who is in a shampoo advert. he's dressed as a poncy prince charming, climbing a japanese rapunzel's rope of hair. he gets to the balcony, but then her hair breaks (its damaged, you see, in dire need of this new extra-conditioning treatment), and he falls into the abyss, flailing his white-stockinged skinny legs. so much for dignity.


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