Friday, I'm in Love

another love list for friday -- but i thought i'd put a twist on it and do "guilty pleasures" this time, i.e. i'm an even bigger dork than previously suspected.
so here are some highly un-ironically unhip things i wholeheartedly adore:

- the Beckhams (i've read Posh's autobiography twice and at one point i may or may not have had a poster of Becks on my wall...)

- movies where the plot is just a thin excuse to feature lots of gratuitous dancing (a la Save the Last Dance, You Got Served, Bring it On, and so forth)

- Adam Ant: weird 80's pop icon with a penchant for far too much makeup and avant garde hair (this video captures the weirdness quite well, i feel)

- hanging out in the Etc. forum at Etsy (if you need an opinion, or want to complain about anything, or just want to share what you had for dinner, this is the place for it)

- SMAP (always and forever, *sigh*)


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