oh, the Promenade

i thought it might be fun to revisit the past and see what i was writing about back in the days before blogs were invented. here is, verbatim, an entry from June 18, 1995

dear journal,

i've been 17 years old for five days now. the only noticeable change is my hair colour. i dyed it "plum" yesterday. K and L gave me my bday presents yesterday in a truly unique fashion. they'd entrusted each of my gifts to various people working in our favorite stores along the Promenade. K & L led me to each shop and presented me to the clerk, who would then order me to do something embarrassing before they'd hand over the present. at Congo Square i had to sing "Is She Weird" to Alexander. at NaNa's i had to make animal noises and then was given a box of Fruit Loops tied with ribbon. finally i was forced to propose marriage to the boy at Pyramid Music. in hindsight it was actually rather fun. the best present turned out to be a cd from L with the french song we've been madly searching for all year.

and here is that song, which i still love.


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