Love List 3

time for another friday love list. (so it's technically saturday, does it really matter) no theme per se, just various things that have crossed my path or been part of my experience this week, and have inspired little moments of "ahh" or "aww" or "mmmm".

+ holly's post about her experience in Burma -- beautiful, eloquent, true and heartfelt. if you have a moment, it's really worth taking the time to read.

+ tiny baby lizards sunbathing by my pool

+ my new stripey sweaters! (see previous post: "wishlist") i got the grey one pictured, as well as the same in black. alas it's still too hot to wear them here, but according to my friend it's quite chilly in paris now, and will no doubt be even more so by the time i get there.

+ gemstones, in particular: tanzanite. i'd never heard of this stone before i started making jewelry, but it's a rather rare commodity, which will apparantly be completely mined out within 10 years. the color of the raw stone is a watery lavender, but when polished and cut it has a deep marine blue that rivals sapphires.

+ grown up fairytales -- Laini at GrowWings wrote a brilliant post recommending books for those suffering from harry potter withdrawal, and i've been going through the titles on her list. so far she hasn't steered me wrong.

+ old episodes of star trek (tng) -- i loved the show growing up, and find that it hasn't lost any of it's kooky yet thoughtful charm years later. when i was 13, i thought the character of wesley was the bees knees, but i have outgrown him. i still think jean luc is devastating, but the me of today is oddly drawn to data. maybe there is something restful about the idea of someone who has no emotions. or maybe he's just a cutie.


Laini Taylor said...

Love that tiny baby lizard pic! They're so cute -- I love lizards. I did a whole post of pictures of awesome lizards months ago. And glad you're enjoying the book recommendations!

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