a few material goods i'm currently coveting:

1. wool & cashmere sweater from J. Crew
so chic! so stripey! so perfect for sipping cappuchino at a sidewalk cafe

2. Bardo pointe-inspired slippers from repetto
to fulfill a lifelong dream of wearing pointe shoes, without the downside of stubbed and bleeding toes

3. Rimowa suitcase in Salsa Prosecco
because i thought my old suitcase was indestructable until Continental Airlines baggage handling proved me wrong

4. A Bit of Paris print from artquirk's etsy boutique
to get me in the mood for my upcoming adventure...


hiroquita said...

your items are the same as mine! my repetto shoes are the same style in bronze color, my suitcase is silver RIMOWA, and i'll brought sweater from Jcrew!
I'm really excited to visit Paris and Madrid. let's meet there in near future.

lilie said...

that's so funny hiroko :)
you have such a great sense of design and style, so i'm happy to know we share the same tastes!
i'm so excited about Paris too -- next time let's go together!

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