A bientot!

*original photo by La Tartine Gourmande

Despite a perfectly-timed Air France strike, this time tomorrow I should be safely winging my way across the 'pond' to Paris.
When I come back in two weeks' time, I hope to have tales of macarons devoured, palace gardens explored, and Tuscan sunsets savored to share with you.
But what I'm really looking forward to are the unexpected discoveries,
the interactions with people I haven't met yet, the truths I only ever find when I'm traveling.

Until then...


hiroquita said...

I'm looking forward your story from Paris and Tsucany. And also am looking forward to seeing your new collection which are inspired from your new experiences!

lilie said...

Thanks Hiroko :)
I did get some inspiration for new designs, especially in Paris. I'll tell you more soon!

tongue in cheek said...

I have enjoyed your photos and sharings about Paris.

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