The Illustrated Adventures of Lil' Lily

living in earthquake country (first southern CA, then Japan), i would occassionally ponder:
what prized possessions would i grab if i needed to flee my home in a hurry?
what is precious? irreplaceable? what would i be truly bereft without?
it's not that easy a question.
but i think for me it would be my collection of Lil' Lily comics.
they are one of a kind, drawn for and about me by my oldest friend, Laura.
about 30 episodes in all, they chronicle our junior and senior years in high school, and the various "adventures" she and i shared.
the comics won't make much sense to anyone else reading them, but for me, i'm instantly transported back to those days of stresssing about college applications, crushing on cute boys, trying to be fashionable, and the general silliness and lightness of life before turning 18.
and apart from the priceless memories, the illustrations themselves are wonderful.
i still wish i could draw like her.


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