this was the hardest one yet

The Friday Love List™ from Meg's blog is becoming an institution around here. I cannot resist a good list, so here are my entries for:


Movie of Love: Amazing Grace

Song of Love: Goodnight and Go -- Imogen Heap (*see below)

Book of Love: How I Live Now -- Meg Rosoff

Place of Love: Rossane (a Tuscan villa)

Month of Love: December

Best Day of Love: this one, because the cherry blossoms were beautiful, because the food was delicious, because it was so ridiculously cold to be having a picnic, and because I miss those girls

Best Moment of Love: hugging a friend i had parted on poor terms with and hadn't spoken to in a year

Word of Love: canticchiare (Italian: to sing languidly)

Purchase of Love: uber-soft, bordeaux-red leather wallet, sold to me by the Italian artisan who made it, who told me to think of him every time i used it

City of Love: San Gimignano

Food of Love: veggie choux

Beverage of Love: hot coffee with a splash of eggnog

Person of Love (someone who made a difference for you this year): my aunt, who made my illustrations being published possible

Spot of Love (the best place to go to just be): riding in a train on the Den-entoshi line

Clothing Item of Love: plaid flannel pajamas

Random Thing of Love (anything you want): savor's decadent all natural soaps -- thanks to her I smell like Pink Sugar all the time


Alison said...

good list - Say Goodnight and Go almost made my list too :)

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