This Week in Love

It's time once again for a Friday love list.
Today's theme is: "things that I loved from this week".

1. Sophie Kinsella's newest, Remember Me?
Oh, I do so love fluffy Brit Chick Lit -- something to indulge in sparingly between heartier fare, like a creamy, chocolately cupcake.

2. Speaking of cake, the gateau de bijoux collection:

Tiny fancy cakes made out of beads? The cuteness, oh the cuteness -- it hurts.

3. My new shampoo from GudonyaToo
Smells just like I dumped a strawberry smoothie on my head (in a good way).

4. Popping
I think more conflicts should be resolved with dance-offs.

5. The icing on top of everything else -- Hiroquita's beautifully styled photos of my jewelry.


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