I love New York in the springtime

I couldn't have asked for a prettier week.

Or a lovelier neighborhood to wander in.

Old haunts were revisited.

And a new favourite coffee house discovered.

It was interesting to see how a friend from long ago, was just as I'd remembered her.

And so fun to do a photo shoot in the woods, like we did nearly 10 years ago (even if I did fall in this creek and spend the rest of the afternoon squelching about in wet boots).

Another beautiful day was spent in Lake George. If there is anything better than having the perfect breakfast (eggs, toast, hash browns and bacon), breathing in the cool breeze off a sparkling lake, and then driving through woody back roads that smell like warm sunshine, then I have yet to encounter it.

Unless it's doing all of the above with someone whose hand you love to hold.

Cheerful wildflowers were coming up everywhere -- along the grey, rocky banks of the Hudson,

and from the soft, muddy earth of the woods.

I don't really have the words or the photos to do justice to my time in upstate New York, so I might just say that, were I able to relive just one week out of my whole life again, it would be this one.


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This was such a great post. I loved it!

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