Upcoming Trip #1: Saratoga Springs

Travel is in the stars this month. It looks as though I may not even have time to unpack from one trip before I'm off on the next.
But first, in two weeks' time I will be in upstate New York, where I haven't been in 8 years. Once upon a time, I used to go to school there.
Things I remember:

- It snowed. A lot. One year it was still snowing in May.

- The dozens of photo shoots my roommates indulged me in. No matter how crazy the makeup or dress I made them wear, they always humoured me.


- "Our" coffee house, Uncommon Grounds. Bliss was a cup of hot white chocolate on a cold snowy night, sitting across from an older boy with a husky voice and blue eyes, who was doing his best to woo me.

- Walking around my pretty campus in knee-high lace-up boots, my faux fur vintage coat barely protecting me from the chill autumn air, collecting red and orange leaves to send to my best friend on the other side of the country.

- Learning to almost, kind of, ride a horse. Cold mornings down in the stables, brushing my horse "Cajun" (a bony old thing missing most his teeth), and then into the ring for the lesson. Sometimes he would try to buck me, but I never fell off. And sometimes, when I could stop being terrified, we would find our rhythm, we'd canter in union, and the beauty of communicating with the beast would overwhelm me.

- The reason why I'm going back after all these years.

1. Uncommon Grounds, 2. College, 3. poloheel, 4. Heart shaped book


AprilDawn said...

Your own coffee house is always the best kind :) Sounds like you have some great friends.


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