It has to be admitted, what I missed most about Japan (besides of course, my friends) was the food.

Doorstop-thick toast with jam.

The indescribably heavenly shiso leaf.

The Hyuganatsu citrus sent up from relatives living in its native Miyazaki.

Jumbo-size chou cream from Cozy Corner.

The mini-cake set at Afternoon Tea.

And a tiny sliver of fudgy cake with huge dollop of whipped cream at the adorable Aila cafe.

So much sweetness in my life of late... I could get used to this decadence.


kaori said...

welcome back to japan!
so many delicious shots :)
i'll be waiting for you here in nagoya.
see you soon!

lilie said...

thanks kaori!
i'm really looking forward to seeing you and tatsuya-san soon!
can't wait :)

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