blue monday

I've been a bit blue the past few days, nothing serious, just a little missing someone who's far away kind of blue. Like so:

Things that have helped revive the inner cheerleader:

1. working on multiple projects at the same time. making new jewelry, writing the third chapter of my next little book, and designing a new site for my friends. hopping from one kind of work to another keeps my mind occupied and flexible.

2. redesigning my blog -- the online equivalent of redecorating my bedroom. playing with a new format, making a new banner and fiddling endlessly with colours and fonts. it's a little schizophrenic how often i like to change it up here; i do get bored easily.

3. losing myself in a fluffy, utterly-relateable novel where the heroine lives out my fantasy of going to grad school at an atmospheric English college.

4. listening to uber-sweet Euro-pop with brilliant lyrics like "Oh no, oh no, you got it all wrong. You think you're chocolate but you're chewing gum".

it's pretty hard to take anything too seriously when you get a song like this stuck in your head. and the pretty colours make me smile (the turquoise segment with the Lolita sunglasses is my favourite):

5. dreaming of new places i'll voyage to next: Vienna? London? ...Texas? after all, the world is my oyster.


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