Um, the heat is starting to get to me. I sat down at my studio desk this morning, pliers and wire in hand, ready to create something pretty...and my brain just said NO, nuh uh. But not as clearly articulated as that -- more like it made the sound that jello makes when you shake it out of its mold -- a kind of dejected floomp sound.

So how does one get through the summer? What do you do to keep yourself feeling slightly perkier than wilted lettuce?
For me, the following provide, if not complete relief, then distraction enough to put a stop to my incessant whining about the heat! the burning! my brain is melting!

1. Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches:

The Perfect Snack by SimplyPhoto

2. Soft, light-as-a-feather, cotton camisoles:

Romance Shell from American Eagle

3. Cherry Compote, chilled in the refrigerator:

4. A Summer Reading List:

There is something about assembling a big reading list and then coming back from the library with a tall, juicy stack of books that just feels like summer vacation to me. Summer reading is meant to be light and fun. My pile consists of chick lit, children's books, travel memoirs, animal stories, and anything whimsical that promises to take me far away.

So far, I've enjoyed:
- The Girl With No Shadow by Joanne Harris (the sequel to Chocolat)
- The Soul of a Horse by Joe Camp (if you own a horse, or ever dream of doing so one day, this should be required reading)
- The Little Lady Agency by Hester Browne (a literary cupcake -- so cute, so sweet)
- The Penderwicks on Gardam Street by Jeanne Birdsall (it feels like a children's' book from a long ago era, but it's brand-new)

And next up on my list is:
A Shepherd's Watch by David Kennard (a James Herriot-esque memoir)

fireescape by lexandthacity


T.Allen-Mercado said...

I'm with you, I just broke out the old Shel Silverstein collection and started a juice fast today. I need October and I need it now!

Claire said...

I love getting a giant stack of books from the library. Its one of my favorite things.

Whinyness now - why oh why can I not add your blog to my blogreader? No RSS feed?

lilie said...

Claire, I'm not entirely sure how it works, but I added a "subscribe to" link to the page -- is that what you're referring to? I should look into this blogreader thing, I'm really not as blog-savvy as I should be.

Jessie Cacciola said...

love this last photo here. :)

michelle said...

Fabulous photo!

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