Collection No.5

I spent last month immersed in a stack of Mary Stewart paperbacks set in exotic locales, and as a result was left with a burning desire to roam the hills of Grecian island villages and swim in the sparkling waters of the Aegean sea.
It was inevitable that as I sat at my worktable, my daydreams would work their way out through my fingertips, and into the stones and metals I was working with.

This collection is already wending its way to Japan, and will be available at Daphne later this month.
In the meantime I've begun amassing gemstones and materials for the next set -- citrus-y hues of carnelian, ocean blues of apatite, and golden cognac quartz. My mind is still full of bright, hot landscapes, ancient architecture, and the mythological gods still present just under the surface of modern life.


Stephanie Perkins said...

Ooo, Mary Stewart! Which ones did you read? Sounds like Moonspinners, perhaps? Such a great novel.

Your jewelry is gorgeous, as always. I LOVE Calypso — those colors!

(And I love the Shine HBM video too. Cute!)

l i l i e g r e e n said...

Thanks, Steph :)
Yes, I was totally thinking of Moonspinners!
Actually, I read them ALL -- one right after the other. Now I am bereft w/none left (except for the Merlin trilogy, which I am iffy about).

Sarah Knight said...

lovely : )

tifanie said...

that is really beautiful... *

Meri said...

Do you have Sekhmet or Isis? I'm going to Egypt soon. . .

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