As a birthday present, I bought myself a place in Unravelling, an e-course led by a photographer and writer I've been enamored of for years.
Oh my gosh. SO worth it.

why yes, I do rock these cowboy boots, thank you for noticing.

I am already kind of falling in love with my classmates, and also, a bit, with myself. I like me in this context. Or maybe it's that after all these macro jewelry photoshoots I've spent the last few years absorbed in, it is unbelievably refreshing to turn the camera around and point it back at me.


Janet said...

You rock the books fer sure. The course is fun isn't it? - I'm really enjoying it.

Baraginie said...

Wicked Boots!!

hiroquita said...

Somehow I understand your feeling!
Sounds great, I also need something to refresh my eyes.

l i l i e said...

Thanks Janet and Baraginie! Unravelling is even more fun than I'd thought it would be.

Hiroquita - I think you'd love this course I'm doing, it's very eye-opening. It would be great to see more photos of you! But I think your recent photos from Biarritz are very refreshing. The colors are gorgeous, and that Leica gives your shots super high-quality.

Lorianna said...

You are totally rockin' this class, I look forward to seeing what you've done with each assignment and find you are inspiring me to be less uptight and inhibited....thank you. And the red boots are flippin fabulous!

smith kaich jones said...

We are all falling a little in love with you too. So happy to see more of these boots!

:) Debi

soreadyblog said...

I love, love, love those boots and your photos.

I, too, am quite enamored of my unravelling classmates. Amazing ladies!

wide open spaces said...

what a great birthday present. i love the idea of gifting yourself that forces you to risk and change in the coming year. really fantastic.

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