~Favorite New Things~

I love autumn, for all the usual reasons, and also because the advent of cooler weather means the return of my favorite tv shows. And now, a few episodes into the season, I have found a couple new favorites.

As someone who religiously attended every concert of her college's acapella group (the Bandersnatchers), it is no surprise that I would fall head over heels for Glee. Spot on vocal arrangements of beloved songs + teenage hormones + just the right amount of weird = win.

The second show quickly winning me over is Modern Family. It doesn't have quite the brilliance of Arrested Development, but it does have moments that have me giggling days after the fact, and I love that it's the first tv family to ever somewhat resemble my own.


Corinna said...

I'm so with you on both of these--my two favorite primetime shows of the season (also Bored to Death on HBO). They just make me so effen happy!

lily green said...

Hey Corinna!
I think that's what I like about them too -- the happy factor :)
I hadn't heard of Bored to Death; will have to check it out!

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