~ Violet ~

I made an Etsy treasury today in which I fully indulged my recent crush on the color violet. I love it so much I feel compelled to recreate it here, where I can gaze lovingly at it and sigh melodramatically as long as I like (Etsy treasuries last only 3 days and then, *poof* they are lost to the ether). Luminous violet, a flash of turquoise, and charcoal to hold it all together.

1. Purples hair accessory by SmittenXOXO 2. Snow Queen collar by bonheur 3. earrings by GlassAddictions
4. tiara by tlsos 5. Trail of Stardust by hotjavva 6. leather clutch by CrystalnKae
7. earrings by fairchilddesigns 8. Sunset Hues photograph by sweetblue 9. espresso cups by misunrie
10. scarf by emmasomerfeld 11. purple posie pillow by sutsukesu 12. Felt wool handbag by JuliaFelt


L said...

This curation is gorgeous!

I love LOVE the deep purples. Thanks so much for adding my piece.


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