Musical Interlude Tuesday : How Soon is Now?

I have written before about my love of a good remake, and this week the song in question is the iconic 80's Smiths tune, How Soon is Now, as interpreted by those t.A.T.u girls. I've long had a bad impression of the duo, but there is no getting around the fact that not only have they done justice to the original song, but they've brought even more to it.

I've been thinking a lot about this issue of reconciling the artist with the art itself -- where do you draw the line? In the case of t.A.T.u., I don't appreciate their history of obnoxious behaviour, but that doesn't stop me from loving and sharing their music. When it comes to Chris Brown, though, as much as I really, really like both of his newest singles, I would feel mighty uncomfortable promoting them here. Is it possible to look at the art on its own merit and appreciate it, no matter who created it? Food for thought.

Lena and Yulia's version:

And the original Smiths. Morrissey rocks some AWESOME moves you guys.


Stephanie Perkins said...

Yeah, I also have issues with t.A.T.u. (including having to relearn where the capital letters are every time I type their name — ha!), but I must admit that cover was interesting! Thanks for sharing.

And Morrissey. Love.

decor8 said...

Oh you are amazing. I love love love that video of Morrissey... he's the BEST!!!

Steffi said...

Oh my, I love the dance moves in the Smiths video!!

And I obviously live behind the moon. I had to look up who Chris Brown is :)

Thank you for the link to the book recommendations!

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