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"Green Loves" is a new feature I'm introducing here to highlight something I'm digging from the world of eco. I am always looking for yummy organics and healthier alternatives to the things we surround ourselves with, so if you know a fabulous all-natural shampoo or a to-die-for vegetarian recipe or a habit I can incorporate into my daily life that will totally save the planet, please, please share!

Tree hugger by So Graphic

Two books I've recently fallen for in a big way are The Kind Diet and Ecoholic.
I've eaten a fairly healthy diet since I was little; a Japanese mom + a vegetarian dad = a fondness for fish and rice and veggies and absolutely no rainbow-colored cereals whatsoever no matter what (yes, I totally made up for my deprived childhood by overdosing on Lucky Charms in college).
In future posts I hope to share some great Kind Diet-inspired recipes and foods I have tried, but my kitchen is being renovated as we speak, and I am utterly without stove, sink, or even a counter-top.

So, Ecoholic. I picked up my copy at my library, but I think it is too good a resource not to have on hand whenever I need it, so I'll be buying my own soon.
It covers everything from diet to cleaning products to furniture to appliances and everything in between. It's best read in small doses, as the information can become overwhelming -- thankfully the 'grim' parts are dealt with clearly and swiftly in each section, and the book lets you get on to the fun bits with heaps of recommendations for all the neat things you could be buying/doing/eating instead.
I finished the chapter on clothing last night, and all today I have been dreaming about a new spring/summer wardrobe of soft bamboo fabric tops and cool hemp skirts and organic cotton underthings.

After a quick perusal online, this is the first eco-kind ensemble I came up with. I can't wait to delve deeper into this world of beautiful clothing with a conscience.

1. Fair Trade Sapphire, Moissanite, and Recycled 14k Gold Ring by McFarland Designs
2. Organic Cotton T-shirt by maryink
3. Multi Functional Dress by bird apparel
4. Silver Glitters by TOMS (for every pair of shoes sold, TOMS donates a pair to a child in need)


Georgianna said...

Just dreamy and so inspiring. Lovely images and thought provoking books. Thank you for sharing and getting us thinking in this direction – much needed!

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