Am leaving in the morning on a whirlwind visit to New England. Will be gallivanting around Salem and Sleepy Hollow, with a day trip to NYC to cavort with my old college housemates (some of whom I haven't seen in almost 10 years).
As always, I will have camera in hand to document the many yummy nibbles I plan on having, the snowy landscapes (there better be snow, darn it, or I want my money back), and the beloved faces of the people I've missed.
See you next week!


Georgianna said...

Hope your visit to New England has been marvelous!

kendalee said...

Sounds like a great time to be had, I hope it has been and that there was snow! And that quotation is very much something I needed to read right now - thank you for that.

Also, really enjoying your Green Loves column :)

Lilie said...

Thank you Georgianna and kendalee! It was a really great trip -- no snow, but the weather was glorious.

K - so glad to know you like my new column; am planning to cover lots more green topics!

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