Creative Endeavors

blooming brilliance

more bejeweled flights of fancy

as much natural sunlight as possible and as little technology as possible

Some of my words to live by for this year, as collaged for the January installment of the monthly art exchange I've been doing with my cousin. January's theme being, of course, "resolutions".
(Yes, I do realize it's April already -- we are loose with our deadlines, my cousin and I.)

This weekend's other accomplishment: a basil and cheese pizza, made from the ground up. Not terribly photogenic, but dude, it started out as flour and yeast and turned into an honest to goodness thin-and-cripsy-yet-just-the-right-amount-chewy-crust pizza! Next up: mastering the perfect tomato sauce to go with it.

I think that's enough for the weekend; now to follow through on my resolution, turn the computer off, and sink back into the stack of library books awaiting me.


Steffi said...

Love the collage and your new blog layout/banner!

And the pizza... oh my... mouth-watering!

vmichelle said...

That's a beautiful collage - I definitely love the spirit behind it too.

Anonymous said...

That pizza looks awesome! For tomato sauce you should check out smitten kitchen's sauce.. its not specifically for pizza but it tastes *amazing* on it

ps your blog is beautiful!

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