Love List Friday: 04.02.10

Spring is...
1. me on the swing, 2. freshly squeezed, 3. Untitled, 4. golden spring

This week's roundup of things I'm loving:
  • the lemon yellow sunlight -- that perfect in-between light when winter's grey is dissipating but has yet to give way to summer's blazing glare. My favorite light for shooting product photos, by far.
  • having a kitchen again and proper cooked meals. Oh pasta, how I missed you -- let's never part ways again.
  • (speaking of which) Penne alla Puttanesca: my new favorite thing to make.
  • my new jelly sandals! (A true child of the 80's, that weird plastic smell of the jellies takes me back to the long hot summers of my youth.)
  • charlieissocoollike's channel on YouTube. I am telling you, this is hours of quality entertainment. Granted I do have a debilitating weakness for British accents, but even without that, the childish humor + well-spoken intelligence will totally charm you to death. (Thanks to Stephanie for getting me hooked and then enabling my addiction.)


Steffi said...

Oh, I love the jelly sandals! I remember the ones I had as a child - they were so cool to walk into the water when there were stones on the ground!

Glad to hear about your kitchen and yay for pasta :)

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