Love List Friday: 07.30.10

After this week's love list, there will be a month-long hiatus from all my weekly posts (L'atelier Lundi, Musique Mardi, Love List Friday) while I participate in Susannah Conway's August Break. I will be (attempting to) post at least one photo every day for all thirty one days of August.
Next month is all about upheaval and change -- I will be packing up and saying goodbye to Florida, visiting relatives in Paradise, and then finally settling into my new home in Southern California.

So in the spirit of bidding adieu to my home of the past four years, today's LOVE is for all the things I'm leaving behind:
  • lizards + geckos + iguanas
  • huge expanses of orange purple sunsets (the land is so flat here the sky spreads out for miles, and there are no tall buildings where I live)
  • almost daily torrential rainstorms with massive lightning + thunder
  • all the birds (green parrots, orange orioles, red cardinals, blue jays, white ibis...)
  • Kitty* (I'll miss you most of all, scarecrow!)

 * technically she is not mine, but the neighbor's cat, otherwise I'd take her with me


Corinna said...

Exciting changes on the horizon! Maybe a new kitty will be showing up in Cali? Can't wait to see more of your photos...

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