august 10

mirabelles, green plums, apricots

Discoveries in the market. No idea what they taste like, but drawn to the refreshing colors and the irresistible cuteness of a grape-sized plum.


Inês Seabra said...

Love them all! Mirabelles are absolutely addictive. It came to my mind that I haven't tasted apricots this summer, yet! Need to do something about that. Now.

Amanda said...

Hello Lilie, I just found your blog (through Ines Seabra's) and I've been sneaking around and I love it, you are an inspiration ,
You should try to do mirabelles jam and plum tart. If you would like to visit my blog (just very recently started), you are more than welcome: )
Take care !

Sara said...

Wow, I love the photo of them in separate bowls and the kitchen (?) in the background.

Lilie said...

Inês -- yes, I can see that I'm going to develop a mirabelle addiction very easily!

Amanda -- Hi! Welcome :) I've always been too intimidated to try making jam, but the plum tart I will definitely do!

Sara --thank you! Yes, this is my little cooking prep table in the kitchen; that's my spice rack in the background.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful fresh photos! I am so jealous of your market finds

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