A Paris Perspective

I was ooh-ing and ah-ing over Georgianna's dreamy Paris photos this morning (they make me swoon with longing for the city -- and I live here), and it made me realize I have become a wee bit lax with my own photography since I've moved here.

When I came last winter for a one-week stay, I was like: MUST TAKE ALL THE PHOTOS, but now that I have unlimited access to the city, it's become more like: eh, LENSES TOO HEAVY, LEAVE AT HOME. Benjamin jokes that I should get a tattooed reminder on my arm to always bring my camera with me.
And he's right, because I have yet to venture out and not encounter something that takes my breath away.

Paris is a photographer's paradise. In a way it is almost overwhelming -- the multi-colored wicker cafe chairs, the elegant Haussman-building skyline, the art nouveau Metro entrances, the narrow cobblestone alleyways, the sparkling window displays -- how could I ever capture it all?

I can't, of course. And others have already done so, better than I could.

...if nothing else, my perspective is unique. A different angle, a different light, a different aperture -- and even the most frequently photographed object can be interpreted anew, no?


ClaireLA said...

Beautiful photos! Really love the ones taken at night.

Amanda said...

SO pretty. And now you made me want some macarons. Oh Paris...

InĂªs Seabra said...

I need that tattoo too! It happens to me all the time... "oh, If I only had my camera now..."

Don't stop capturing those moments and those places, the are beautiful!

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