Saturday Night Fièvre

Over the weekend I attended my second housewarming/costume party since coming to Paris (apparently this is a thing here). The hosts requested that we dress in "dance" wear -- anything from flamenco to hiphop. So at my insistence, Ben and I went in classical ballet gear (I am always looking for an excuse to wear thigh-high leg warmers).

I may have felt a teensy bit nekkid at first walking around in just a leotard, but when Monsieur Madonna showed up I was no longer the only one.

Wait, let me show you the full-length version...

(The man has great gams.)

In addition, there were hippie chicks,

cowgirls and disco/80's hybrids,

a flapper, a goth, a member of ABBA,

and, um, not exactly sure what this was, except that she looked AWESOME.

There was an endless stream of champagne, of which I partook... copiously.

And music and dancing until well into the early morning hours.

And if you've ever wondered how Parisian ladies get down, well, it's pretty much exactly like the rest of us do...


paris (im)perfect said...

Wow, I obviously don't get invited to enough parties in Paris. (Or not the right ones, at least) This looks so fun!

Lilie said...

Hey Sion! It was by far the most fun party I've been to yet -- something about everyone looking a bit ridiculous makes it easier to relax (that, and the champagne).

Inês Seabra said...

Oh dear! French people are wild! Never thought of them that way, not sure why is that...

I think that people who are too overly concerned about looking ridiculous are missing a lot of fun!

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