Arg. As an html novice, the best I can manage right now is to change the font and text color of this blog.
The splendiferous graphics will come later, one hopes.
Anyone familiar with that ancient comic strip, Little Nemo in Slumberland, will know that Nemo's strange and wonderful dreams are attributed by his parents to the food Nemo consumes before going to sleep.
For anyone interested, here is a list of the things I eat (not all at the same time!) shortly before turning out the light:
-Shrimp Flavored Chips
-Cadberry's candy-coated chocolate eggs
-cheese bagel
-gummi bears
-spicy Japanese crackers
-Toasteds (onion flavor)
and yes, I ALWAYS brush my teeth.
Another factor in my remarkable dreams may be my nightly dose of Conan O'Brian.
He makes me laugh a lot, and there's something about him that just makes me happy -- so maybe all the endorphines released from smiling and laughing screw up my sleeping brainwaves.


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