Bugger this -- I've spent the last few hours trying to prettify my blog, and blogger is having such issues that I can't tell if I'm doing something wrong or if it's the site's fault that this is so yucky looking. Anyway, I have my new Dave Matthews Band cd on repeat play, and a new Stephen King book to read, so I'm going to give up on the html madness for now and enjoy the rest of the night.
I realize that I have yet to actually describe a single one of my dreams, but they've been rather too obviously reflective of my life lately.
For instance, I dream constantly about my cat, and in the dream there is always a reason why I can't touch her or hold her or speak to her...there's no obscure symbolism here, my cat died months ago.
I've also been having horrible dreams about my 'friends' from college, whom I haven't seen in almost a year. In my dreams they're horrible to me, and that's pretty much how I see them in reality.


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