Have added a new link to this page -- am showcasing some little watercolors I did. It is not a proper gallery since you can't click on the pictures to view them larger, but it will do for now. Went shopping again today -- bought sandals for self and an uber-cute, belly-showing baseball shirt w/the superman logo in glitter on front. But didn't my mom just buy me sandals? Well yes, but they looked so cute on her, and she desperately needed new shoes, so I gave her those, and bought the same pair (in a different color) for myself. Also bought one of the very few Dick Francis books I still don't own; I will excercise some serious self-restraint and save it for reading on the plane.

It sounds like I will be able to see Lo in Tokyo -- that should be fun. I think we should go get ice cream crepes in crazy Harajuku and stare at the people dressed like anime characters.


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