I have so many people I have to write letters to, I don't know where to begin. Actually the two people I most need to respond to seem to be reading this page, so just so you both (s & j) know, I really appreciate what you said, and you've made me feel worlds better about everything. It's interesting that you both wrote within days of each other, and expressed similar sentiments... I have been giving a lot of thought this past year to the nature of friendships, and I actually think that it can be quite healthy when friends take a 'break' from their friendship. For instance, there was an entire semester in high school when my best friend and I didn't even speak to each other. We would pass each other in the hallways and look the other way. It was horrible, and I missed her, and when we were friends again I think there was an appreciation for each other we didn't have before. And also this past year she and I didn't really communicate for months, but when she called me a couple weeks ago, we picked up right where we left off. At this point there's an innate understanding that our friendship has survived a whole lot of crap, and we're just always going to be in each other's lives.
But anyway, I am going to write, it just might take a while. There are many, many things I want to say, and I have to think about how to say them. Because there are complications when it comes to talking to you two. I adore you individually, but you are also part of "the posse," and sometimes it is hard for me to separate you, my dear friends, from you, representatives of the dreaded posse. No, I don't hate the posse. Would I have made posseopoly or invited you to ecircles in the first place if I did? It's complicated, sort of. I think I might write about some of it here -- I don't feel inhibited knowing that you two are reading this. However, if some other people we know were to come upon this page they might be rather bothered by what I might say.

All that said, I really feel the need to change my layout, it is, afterall, much too cutesy. And I hereby declare that "huzzah!" is my new favorite expression.


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