more chocolaty goodness

After several months of no communication, I received a package from sara (of all people) containing (of all things) a bag of cadberry candy-coated chocolate eggs. Not to mention a letter written on a reel of waxy paper. I am glad that despite my dire view of our friendship, she still surprises me. I wonder where this paranoia I have about my friends comes from. They're all terribly fascinating, fun, funky people I feel honored to know...they just never happen to be there when I need them. But self-reliance is a good thing, so maybe they're just making me stronger. Yes, let's look at it that way; the glass is half full and all that jazz.

An interesting sidenote: today i ingested purple potatoes for the first time in my life. i mean, they were bright purple! On the inside! However, though I was expecting it to be a powdery version of grape jelly or such, it tasted pretty much like your average tater. Go figure.


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