Woo! Have completed second new layout of the weekend. Yes, it is true, I have no life. But I am making good use of this free time while I've got it, 'cuz very shortly I will be working 12 hour days, 6 days a week.
Can I just wax poetic for a moment on how much I love having short hair and bangs? Why did I never cut my hair like this in high school or college? *shudders w/horror at memory of college hair* I really looked like ass all through senior year. Speaking of weight issues, people have made such a fuss about how Renee Z. had to put on 15 pounds to play the 'pleasantly plump' Bridget, but I'm looking at the slimmer version of her on the cover of this month's In Style, and I think she looked better w/the extra weight. Personally, I'm thrilled that I have a little more substance to my body now -- I actually have boobs (!) and my jeans don't sag in the ass anymore. But for anyone who thinks they need to diet, I highly recommend stress as the best way to get skinny fast. I think I will have the perfect balance when I start teaching -- the stress of rangling my 3 yr olds combined w/the infinite selection of yummy Japanese pastries and snacky foods should keep me at a healthy 95lbs. However, whenever I go to Japan I run the risk of resuming my smoking habit. I mean I have a brain, so obviously I'm not going to start smoking -- but for some reason I just get tempted seeing them in vending machines on every corner.


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