Yurp! Gah! I'm leaving in less than 48 hrs...I am definitely not finished packing. And of course I just realized that my case logic cd holder is buried in the depths of the garage, under a ton of other boxes.
Not to gloat or anything, but it is really quite convenient having siblings in the airline business. An average plane ticket to Japan (1st class) is about $3,500. Now take away a zero from that figure, and that's still $200 more than I have to pay. So I am really hoping there are open seats in 1st class, because I think I will go ape sh*t if I have to sit in coach for 20hrs. Tragically, I am going to miss this week's West Wing -- I have added "tape West Wing" under Dad's list of things to do (right under "change Conan's water") but I fear he will disregard this imperative with a "she must be kidding". I suppose I can live w/missing Monica and Chandler's wedding, but I really want to know what happens with Sculley's baby. Sara, you are hereby sentenced to watch the xfiles finale and fill me in on what happens.


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