this has not been, by any stretch of the imagination, what one would call a pleasant, restful saturday morning. i first awoke at 4am to find myself standing up in bed, screaming in terror. this is not a fun experience, and i don't recommend it. i also somehow managed to wrench my arm nearly out of its socket during my nocturnal episode, so am in much pain today. then i was awoken again w/the sound of ten elephants stampeding up the stairs next to my bedroom. it was, of course, N's children, here for the French lesson N's friend teaches here every saturday. so i resignedly got out of bed and showered and whatnot. then on my way to the market, walking past the lovely poppy/cosmos field i noticed a large, decapitated crow by the sidewalk. hmm, that sort of ruins the view, i thought. then i looked up to see a very long, green snake looking at me from a few feet away. as steve erwin was not w/me to explain what a 'beauty' she was, i slowly backed away and decided this was not the best time to go to the market. i watched as it slithered hesitatingly across the road, and saw it promptly run over by a large, speeding truck. it thrashed about wildly, coiling and flipping over, and then just lay still. this is definitely a memory i could have done w/out. i'd like to go back to bed and start over, but have a lesson in a few hours, so am making do by indulging in some haagen-dazs green tea ice cream.


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