yurkle flurp. is it finally friday? yawn. am up in the loft, letting the soothing tones of "Angel" (Dave Matthews) ease my frazzled nerves. have decided it really is the prettiest song ever.
as is evident, have changed blog title as well as layout, since there is already another "slumberland" in existance. "greenly leaping" is a phrase from an e.e.cummings poem -- my most favorite piece of writing ever.

Shinobu (the office manager) and I have totally joined forces against our tyrannical boss. over coffee and menthol cigarrettes we sit on the backdoor stoop and compare the verbal abuse wounds inflicted upon us by the evil N.
the caterpillars have completely taken over the backyard. the trees have become writhing, fuzzy lime-green masses, and the bottoms of the kidlet's boots are slimy w/squashed 'pillars. for some reason the kids always call them "caterhawks", no matter how often i correct them. i am utterly mystified by these children. for playtime their favorite activity is pretending that there is either a huge fire that they must put out, or that there are dead babies lying around that they have to mourn over. i've decided that my favorite is Yoshino, who looks like a miniature, female version of buddha...if buddha wore little ringlets on the side of his head. i want to put her in my pocket and carry her around for good luck.


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