am feeling blue today...not a deep navy kind of blue, but just a little bit ultramarine. i find myself blinking back tears, though i'm not particularly sad about anything. odd. odder still is the conversation i had w/Shinobu today. when i first met her i thought she was a little strange, but i really had no idea -- she is, in fact, clinically insane. she was telling me today that she is actually the secret daughter of the korean president (or is he a prime minister, i don't remember), that she is constantly followed by secret guards employed by him, that the people inside the television sometimes talk to her, that she sees benevolent spirits who wander around her house doing nice things for her, and that she had an affair w/a man 10 years younger than her and that he is the real father of her child. she says she's on medication, but it certainly doesn't seem to be helping.
and N was awful today, she was downright aggressive towards me -- i can't wait to leave.


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