oh, how i do adore june. this first day of my favorite month was filled with such lovely moments...i hope the next 30 days will continue on in the same vein.
i awoke to the sound not of a chorus of birds, but an entire symphony orchestra of them. wondering how a few birds could make such a racket, i shuffled out to the kitchen and looked out on the backyard. the entire lawn was covered in hundreds of little black and white birds, all pecking away at the caterpillars and bugs. country life has its surprises.
the children were crazy, as they usually are on fridays. they decided, among themselves, that video-time was going to be naked-time today. so many little butts running amok -- i laughed 'til i cried. then as soon as N. left for the afternoon, Shinobu and I raced for our iced coffees and cigs, which we enjoyed under the chestnut-tree shade. the aforementioned rabbit made a second appearance while we were out there, and stayed for a good 1/2 hour this time. apparantly we posed no threat to him, since he took a nap and then raided the tomato/carrot/radish garden right in front of us.
i just finished my friday afternoon class of 7 yr olds, who are a fun bunch. i find myself liking the rambunctious, misbehaving boys better than the demure girls. though yesterday when the ever-weepy Sayaka finally left the safety of my lap, joined in the game, and went home w/a huge smile on her face, i did think she was rather wonderful.
and since i went to the market today, i have an extravagantly delicious dinner to look forward to. perhaps i'll go take a walk to work up my appetite.


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