somewhere along the way i seem to have misplaced my sense of humour.
if my world is crumbling at my feet the least i can do is laugh at it.
what a day i've had. i really felt like i'd earned my nice hot bath tonight.
of course woke up late this morning and rushed to get ready to meet my new boss at the Kenzo head office in Aoyama. tried to dicipher the map she'd drawn me and walked several long blocks in the wrong direction. finally found it and arrived 20 minutes late. she was not pleased. way to go me on my first day as an employee.
she took me up to the stock room and then i got to be her personal dress-up doll for four hours. four hours of standing in high heels snatching a quick drink of coffee in between trying on thousands of dollars worth of clothing.
it was painful and stressful, but exhilerating to finally get an inside look into the fashion world. fabulous looking people busy w/their digital cameras and clipboards. there was one man w/a baby strapped to his chest, and another lady clutching a shivering chihuahua.
but from monday i'll be in the less exciting boutique in futakotamagawa, training as a lowly clerk. it feels weird to be hired based on my looks alone. the boss wants me to be as "foreign" as i can, and to pretend to be french if i can manage it. yet i must speak perfect polite japanese. what am i getting myself into?
i did end the day nicely by going out to dinner w/two lovely former students of mine. i never socialized w/anyone from school when i was a teacher, but now i've been meeting up w/them every week. Thai food w/Amami two weeks ago, all-night drinking and karaoke w/staff last saturday, visiting Kengo's gallery the weekend before that, and i have dates w/Ryoko and Rieko respectively later this month.
and because i didn't have an eventful enough day as it is, i got an email from TT as i was getting on the train home. he says he can meet me for an hour on Sunday night. what is that? that is not good news.
i can't make up my mind whether to just accept that like a grateful puppy or tell him where he can go. i wanted him to say "i want to see you", not "i think i should meet w/you". argh. what do i expect.
that's enough for today, to bed w/me.


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