yawn...just got home after having midnight coffee w/AEON staff. there was a farewell/welcome party for brian and yuko-sensei at the school, but i showed up after it was already over. it feels a little too soon to go back after having just said goodbye to everyone. but there were still a fair amount of students loitering downstairs and they all welcomed me w/joyous shouts. a nice little pick-me-up. and actually i wasn't the only ex-teacher there, both G and J showed up as well. F was there being his usual crazy argentinian self, staging an impromptu concert in the middle of the road. i feel weird around him now. i am living in his ex-girlfriend's apt., so obviously my loyalties are w/her. and yet i can't blame him for hating her.
speaking of C, her new bed arrived at the apt. today, so i spent the afternoon putting it together--all by myself! i am quite good at assembling furniture if i say so myself. and now i am literally going to sleep in the bed i've made, ha ha.


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