after a truly dull weekend where i exchanged exactly one word w/another human being (that word being "hello", the human being the man who delivered my gas stove -- i ran into him while taking a walk), i had a rather busy monday.
i started by going to the gym for the House Dance class; my friend Amami was taking it as well so that was fun. She is friends w/the class intstructor, and oh my god is he a nice specimen. his class was nearly the death of me and i reeled out of there ashen and gasping. he came and sat w/A and i while we were stretching/cooling down, and told us all about his adventures in NYC. apparently he went there to study dance, had no money, lived in Central Park, was shot in the leg in Harlem, and lived to tell about it. he is an aspiring writer as well. do we see a lil' mini-crush coming on? i think we do.
he mentioned several times that he wants to learn english, so i'm thinking of suggesting a lesson-exchange--me teach you english, you teach me dance kind of thing.