i've decided that i want to be gwen stefani when i grow up. though my mum might disown me if i dye my hair platinum.
i am in a musical state of mind lately. the dj in my brain is rather spastic, jumping from one genre to another. this month's theme song seems to be powerless (say what you want), though gwen's underneath it all is running a close second. just hearing it gives me that oozy feeling, the audio equivalent of a super-creamy cup of white hot chocolate (a la Uncommon Grounds). and though i'm definitely not a kid rock kind of gal, i really love his version of feel like makin' love, it's lovely in a naughty kind of way.
saturday was fun-ish. taught 9 classes, then attended the school xmas party, then met A @the club. A is too cute, like a perfect little doll. She is so wee, even I tower over her. i was introduced to a sweet guy there who stared at me all night, but i just couldn't muster up the energy to flirt properly. my heart is elsewhere, i think--somewhere on the other side of the globe.
next weekend there is yet another xmas party; a semi-formal affair at a ritzy hotel, my company's treat. after reviewing my list of boys i could invite, i realized i wouldn't have fun w/any of them, so instead my uber-adorable Nori-pi is coming w/me. alas, i have nothing to wear to this shindig. i found the most gorgeous dress, but the price tag has one zero too many. every time i walk past the boutique it calls to me, taunting me. evil dress.


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